Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I am thankful for...


Thanksgiving is much more than the festivities - it gives us time to ponder upon what lessons we’ve learned and how we can spread happiness around, and it’s an opportunity for us to look back at all the great memories and good people who came into our lives. 

To all our event planners, venues, galleries, charity partners, and all the newly weds: thank you for sharing a part of their 2017 with us. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of your events this year and be able to bring some magic to so many people’s lives.   

To our musicians near and far: thank you for your hard work, dedication, and passion. And an especially big shout out to our musicians who volunteered their time at soup kitchens in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto this year. You’re all superstars and we’re so proud to have each one of you on the team. 

We appreciate you all so much. 


Beau Strings Co.

Van Le