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MUSIC TOGETHER are group lessons for parents and children, as well as friends alike! Learning music together is not only a great way to bond by having fun but it also fosters a life-long love for music! 



As a child's first teachers, you as parents are in a unique position to influence early learning in a variety of ways.

From babyhood through the early elementary years, Music Together nurtures each child’s natural musicality. In family classes, grownups learn together with their children and then re-create the fun for daily music-making. Having parents involved in the class — and taking what they learn home — is far better than simply turning on a CD or turning their child over to a music teacher.


-    Music Together provides an opportunity to foster development in children who are too young to be dropped off at such classes alone
-    Parents learn skills they can model at home
-    Parents and children bond by having fun together
-    Developing a constant curiosity for the music and sounds around us

As friends, learning music together is not only super fun, but it is a fantastic way to learn music in a pressure-free and supportive environment.

There are many misconceptions about the difficulty of learning a new instrument as an adult. In truth, anyone can learn to play music at any age and the benefits of learning music are no less applicable to adults than they are for children! Learning with a friend can help alleviate some of the fears and anxieties of starting a new hobby and being bad at it - laugh off your mistakes together and enjoy the process! 


- Improvements are made together as a group, as the act of learning is supported by the entire group
- Playing in front of others on a weekly basis will make you feel less inhibited to play in front of friends, family, and even strangers. This inhibition translates into other aspects of life as increased confidence and self-esteem
- The feeling of fellowship and comradery  that develops from working with like-minded people leads to an over all boost in well-being (similar to the feeling you get from playing in a sports league)

Music Together lessons are 60 minutes each to include one-on-one time as well as group learning and can accommodate up to a family of four or two friends per session – just let us know who’s ready to make music!